Koh Tao Picture Gallery

Koh Tao is a tiny tropical island set in the Gulf of Thailand that is famous for scuba diving, with numerous reefs and dive sites such as Sailrock and Chumphon Pinnacle perfect for underwater Koh Tao photographs. Our Koh Tao pictures capture the feel of this paradise island as well of the many attractions both on land and under the waves.

Our selection of Koh Tao photos includes every activity on the island from snorkelling to sailing and simply letting one’s hair down in some of the bohemian bars. Keen photographers will be in their element in the Thai Gulf as Koh Tao has countless charming coves to visit where you can capture that Robinson Crusoe feel without the crowds of Phuket or Koh Samui.

Every effort has been made by ourselves at 1Stop to put together a varied selection of Koh Tao pictures which shows off this exceptional region of Thailand in all its natural glory. Must-see attractions as well as fun daytrips for the family and excursions to nearby islands.


Click on any of the Koh Tao pictures below for a slide show:

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Notes on Taking Pictures in Koh Tao

This popular diving resort has a lots of photography stores which often specialise in underwater equipment for those wanting to snap whale sharks, turtles and the bevy of sea life that lives around its shores.

There are many internet cafes around Haad Sairee where you can download your Koh Tao pictures onto pen drives, upload them to Facebook or simply email them home. However, if you plan to purchase photographic equipment then Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui or Pantip Plaza in Bangkok are your best bets.

Be careful not to offend local people who live on the island when taking pictures in Koh Tao, and be especially careful if taking pics of working girls working plying their trade in the beer bars around the island. Although Thais are extremely friendly, it's polite to ask permission before snapping merrily away.

Koh Tao pictures form memorable souvenir of your visit to Thai Gulf so be liberal with your ‘trigger finger’ and snap away at everything you can find. There are superb Koh Tao pictures in every inlet of the island with colourful aquatic life just off picturesque Koh Ngan Yuan as well as cheery local fishermen and diverse wildlife.

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