Expat Living in Koh Tao Thailand

There is a growing number of people relocating to Koh Tao whether full time or for certain periods of the year to enjoy the peace, relaxed atmosphere, warm weather and relatively low cost of living. Small, basic but comfortable bungalows set back from the beach with a Thai Kitchen can be rented for 4,000-15,000 Baht a month. There are also more villas and developments being built to accommodate people looking for more luxury but for long term.

The expat community generally works within the diving industry, resort management, restaurants or in the property market. Salaries are much less than you would get in the West but as the cost of living is relatively low, especially if you live a 'Thai style' existence, a very pleasant, un-stressful and rewarding life can be lead.



Anyone who wants to spend more than 30 days on Koh Tao needs to organise a pre-arranged visa at a Thai consulate before arriving, with different varieties depending on a number of issues...more

Property & Real Estate

Ever more people are packing in the rat race and relocating to Thailand, and there are decent opportunities for investing in Koh Tao property both permanently or as a holiday home...more

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More on Expat Living in Koh Tao

There are supermarkets in the main town and fresh markets if you want to cook at home and this makes living very cheap. Eating out in local restaurants is cheap and even the international restaurants are affordable.

There are also a growing number of people who have either taken a break from the rat race or have retired and decided to make their home, temporary or permanent on Koh Tao. As the island has developed the number of imported goods, International restaurants, services and infrastructure and communications has improved making life easy for foreigner to live on the island.

A budget from around 10,000 Baht a month would cover food and drink. Renting a motor bike for a month will cost around 5,000 Baht, with a car around 15,000 Baht, which save on taxi and boat fares.

The cost of living in Koh Tao, in comparison to the west is very low and a good standard of living can be enjoyed. Basic accommodation can be rented for around 5,000 Baht per month or alternatively a fairly luxurious villa can be rented from about 30,000-50,000 Baht per Baht. PADI Open Water courses are about 10,000 Baht with a two-dive trip costing on average 2,000 Baht. Dive packages are available at all shops for cheaper diving.

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