Koh Tao Videos Thailand

Most tourists come to the Thai gulf for the beaches, but Koh Tao is best know as a diving mecca with spectacular underwater scenery and diverse marine life. Turtles, whale sharks and countless species of fish can be seen on our Koh Tao videos, and hopefully you’ll be inspired to delve into the deep when visiting the island for yourself. But there are also lots of activities to be tried here with Koh Tao videos of many different pursuits. So take your pick of our favourite videos of Koh Tao and be inspired!


Videos of Koh Tao

Happiest turtle in the world

Motorcycle tour through Sairee market

Koh Tao's beaches

Bullsharks near Koh Tao

Koh Tao's infamous Castle Nightclub

Getting soaked at Songkran Thai new year

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Travellers Footage Notes!
These Koh Tao video clips have been taken by travellers who have experienced the country and shared them on YouTube. Most are under five minutes and have been selected for their relevance and relative quality. We looked through hours and hours of Koh Tao videos that had been uploaded to YouTube, looking for the most suitable impressions.

All of these Koh Tao video clips here are made publicly available and reproduced here according their terms and conditions. An effort has been made to select appropriate Koh Tao videos that accurately portray the country and its people but we accept no responsibility for their content.

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